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The latest AI advancements enable easier expression of individuality by harnessing our unique knowledge and experiences. With AI, harnessing our distinct knowledge and experiences becomes easier. These advancements empower us to amplify our uniqueness, fostering a world where each person’s distinctiveness is celebrated and utilized to its fullest potential.

AI Will Open Up A New Computer-Human Interface

How we interact with computers has changed over time. We went from punchcards to command line interfaces to graphical user interfaces. Each iteration has expanded the accessibility of computers to a broader audience.

The first commercial computer, UNIVAC I, was purchased to help with the US Census data in the 1950s. It weighed over 7 tons and needed an army of people to operate using punchcards. By the 80s, kids at home played Oregon Trail on IBM PC at home via command line interfaces on MS-DOS. Now, people interact with computers in their pockets graphically with their fingers as they walk.

A New Interface? Isn’t AI/LLM Just A Better Chatbot?

The latest advancement in AI, known as LLM (large language model), unlocks two key superpowers: programming via natural language and learning from user preference for more personalized experiences (Yingqiang Ge, et al, 2023). These two key superpowers will enable more people to program computers using everyday language and tailor their interactions to suit their preferences. These breakthroughs will empower users to shape computer behavior according to their unique desires, making technology more accessible and personalized for all.

What Does “Personalized Experience” Mean To Me In Plain English?

Personalized experience means tailoring things to suit my unique preferences and interests. I love traveling. I am all about discovering unique and a little obscure experiences over taking Instagram-perfect pictures. I follow Mitra (@travelbymitra) because she’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to off-the-beaten-path destinations like Galleria Sciarra, tucked away near the Trevi Fountain.

Let’s imagine Mitra has her own AI travel agent packed with all that insider info. With AI, she could create a personalized itinerary just for me. I’d simply tell my own AI agent to team up with hers, and voila—a customized travel plan tailored to my tastes. Plus, thanks to AI’s adaptability, we could tweak the itinerary on the fly, adjusting for things like traffic or those last-minute restaurant finds on day two of the trip. It’s like having a travel buddy who knows exactly what I like, helping me make the most of every adventure.

Unleashing The Uniqueness Of People

In the previous evolution of human-computer interfaces, we standardized and trained people to interact with computers in specific ways: cntr+alt+del to restart, click this button to send an email, pinch-and-zoom to enlarge a picture, etc. These actions became routine because software developers determined them to offer the best user experience, and users were trained to follow suit. Essentially, we fit users into predetermined steps in order to interact with the computers.

Exciting new possibilities emerge with the latest AI advancements. Individuals now have novel avenues to train computers to behave according to their preferences, embracing the unique characteristics of each person. This shift opens the door to a future where technology enriches the lives of individuals in meaningful ways, and I’m eager to see what lies ahead.

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