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Last week during my Office Hours on Youtube, a client asked about how to deal with a workplace bully. After spending many years in corporate HR, I flipped to the other side and became a career therapist. So, I’ve seen both sides of this situation in the workplace. In this video, I discuss why people struggle to deal with bullies and what you can do to change the situation instantly.

Here are the most important points I make in the video above:

It’s important to control your emotions, reactions, and responses to workplace bullying. Don’t let the negativity affect you.Identify signs of a toxic work environment during interviews, focusing on strategic job search planning and networking over excessive online job hunting.Ask specific questions in interviews to gauge the company’s workplace culture. Create a personalized ‘best places to work’ list (interview bucket list) based on your connection to the organization’s mission (not just benefits), intrinsic motivation, and career satisfaction. Don’t decline a panel interview invitation without considering potential long-term career benefits. Use them to network, and maintain those connections with organizations for future opportunities.In interviews, show how the job aligns with your long-term career goals for sincerity.Attend job fairs selectively, targeting companies aligned with your career goals. Articulating genuine connections with potential employers will help you stand out.Job seekers over 40 should adopt an ‘Ask Don’t Tell’ approach during interviews, focusing on asking insightful questions and demonstrating emotional intelligence to better connect with interviewers. This will also alleviate concerns about you being set in your ways.To find connections at a company, utilize tools like to bypass LinkedIn search limits, then engage with recruiters using customized connection requests.

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