Global Edge 2.0, The Inside Track: Part 5 – Media StudiesDavid Whincupon December 2, 2021 at 1:49 pm Employment Law Worldview


More compelling viewing than a James Bond boxset, more answers to everything employment than Deep Thought, a great deal easier than ironing in the cinema – and now for something completely different in your viewing habits.

Lights, Camera, Action and a big-screen welcome to Global Edge 2.0’s Media Centre.  Here you can find all the non-written content of GE 2.0, dozens (and growing) of webinars and podcasts which you can watch or listen to on any platform from phone to desktop to Kings Cross.

Presented in English by leaders in their field, all of the sessions provide quality content responsive to client demand, from the established classics of the genre (disciplinary and grievance procedures, whistleblowing and investigations) to red-hot new releases in current affairs – vaccinations, remote working and collecting and monitoring D&I data.

Of course, if ironing while updating your employment knowledge is not your thing, other activities are available.  GE 2.0 even allows you to listen to Media Centre content while browsing other GE pages, and to download webinars and accompanying slides when on the move.  And you can be reassured that the Centre’s How-To guides will show you the Global Edge path to employment enlightenment if IT is not your thing either.

This breaking news just in – GE 2.0’s news feed can supply you with updates on developments in employment law news and practice around its global jurisdictions or alert you to thrilling future webinar drops.  No fake news or comedy content here, the very idea.

So if you want to put a voice (or a face, though I accept that is less likely) to your employment advice, why not change channel to Global Edge 2.0 right now? Settle back and listen, with popcorn strictly optional.

To learn more about Global Edge 2.0’s key features, visit our previous blog posts, or to see its full capabilities for yourself, contact us at to book a demo at a time and place convenient to you, without cost or commitment.

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Look out for the final part in our Global Edge series, coming next week.

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