Global Edge 2.0, The Inside Track: Part 2 – Making Global Edge 2.0 Your OwnDavid Whincupon November 11, 2021 at 3:53 pm Employment Law Worldview


They say that if you are prepared to take a sufficiently comprehensive trawl through the options list and are not over-burdened by considerations of practicality or taste, there are 8 million possible permutations on a new Mini.

You can’t do that with Global Edge 2.0, but who really wants 8 million choices? While it doesn’t yet come with aircon or leather seats, our updated global employment law product still offers as standard all the personalisation you want and nothing you don’t need, with no expensive options to pay for and no risk of doing anything drastic and irreversible to your new purchase by a suite of options choices you can’t undo when you see them in daylight. Choose your own colours, configure your dashboard as you wish, fire it up and off you go. You can shorten already sporty journey times by taking short-cuts to get you to your favourite topic and country destinations ahead of the crowd. Zero to informed is now a matter of only seconds.

Fully convertible, Global Edge 2.0 allows you to decide not just the updates you receive but also how they are delivered – email or push notification, no problem. Just certain topics or certain jurisdictions? There in moments. Or opt for the automatic and let GE 2.0 send you constantly updated content across the employment law spectrum from all the countries you have signed up for, knowing that when the Board demands an instant employment briefing from the far reaches of your employer’s international empire, Global Edge has what it takes to get you safely round those tight corners.

With all that power in your hands, who needs bonnet stripes?

The new Global Edge 2.0 – make it yours now. Book in a demo at a time and place convenient to you, without cost or commitment. To see how Global Edge 2.0’s full capabilities can assist you please contact us at

Look out for the third part in our blog series, there may be trouble ahead, next week.

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