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Hi there! My name is Mitchell Katz and I’m an Engineering Lead (EL) here at HubSpot within the Structured Content Platform. I wanted to share what it means to be an EL at HubSpot.

First, for a bit of background on myself: I’ve been at HubSpot for about four years now. I started off as a Backend Engineer (BE) on the Theme Framework BE team, working to improve the rollout process for our default assets (like the Growth theme or the Drag and Drop Email Templates). I then became the Tech Lead (TL) of that team, working with the Product Manager and Product Designer to shape the roadmap and goals. 

Eventually I became Engineering Lead (EL) of the Theme Framework BE and added the Content Assets and Content Ecosystem teams. This expanded my scope to include considerations of the asset marketplace, internal default asset development, and unified branding. My most recent role change has been a shift over to the Structured Content Platform team, helping manage the teams working on HubDB, CRM dynamic pages, GraphQL, and the Knowledge Base tool.

Let’s get into it…

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