3 Ways You’re Slowing Down Your Job Search (And How To Fix Them!)Jenna Arcandon September 27, 2023 at 3:00 pm Work It Daily


If you’re wondering why your job search isn’t working, or why it’s suddenly slowed down after a few good leads, then you’ve come to the right place.

One of the biggest concerns we hear from our members is how long the job search seems to take nowadays. When all other aspects of our lives seem to have sped up, the instant gratification we crave from our careers just isn’t there. How can we successfully change jobs or move up in our careers without spending six, seven, eight, sometimes even nine months on a job search?

As it turns out, most job seekers are actually making some critical job search mistakes. Here are three ways you’re slowing down your job search, and some tips for how to fix them:

1. You’re Applying For As Many Jobs As You Can

Here at Work It DAILY, we call this job search strategy the “spray and pray” method. When it comes to a successful job search, your mindset shouldn’t be “the more the merrier.” Rather, it should always, always be “quality over quantity.”

A lack of strategy in your job search will only cost you time and money, and it won’t yield many viable employment opportunities—if any at all.

2. You’ve Never Written A Disruptive Cover Letter

Many job seekers also underestimate the importance of a cover letter, and how great of an opportunity it is to demonstrate how you connect with the company and why you would be a good cultural fit.

A cover letter shouldn’t be a summary of your resume. It’s not the place to brag about your accomplishments. It’s the perfect place to tell a story, one that will instantly make you stand out from other job applicants.

3. Your Resume Isn’t Streamlined

The reality is that outdated resume templates aren’t read by recruiters or hiring managers. You only have six seconds to show a potential employer you’re qualified for a position and have what they need in a job candidate.

Employers are looking for keywords and numbers on a resume. There’s a good chance that if your resume isn’t streamlined, it isn’t even getting past the ATS. That means if your resume isn’t a 90-100% match, it most likely will never be seen by a hiring manager.

At the end of the day, if you avoid doing the three things above, you’ll see a significant difference in your job search. It’s all about finding where you can improve and taking charge of your career—once and for all.

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