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I’m going to let you in on a little secret about successful career changes. So many people spend years not being able to pivot their career into a new industry or a new skill set because they haven’t done the most vital part of the process.

The most important part of the career change process is the professional strengths assessment. That’s the secret to successfully changing careers. Without going through the professional strengths assessment, you won’t know which career direction is right for you.

Discovering Your Professional Strengths Helps You Understand Your Intrinsic Motivation

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School never taught you this. They never taught you how to properly assess your professional strengths. And, just so you know, employers will never teach you this either. And that’s because when you understand your intrinsic motivation (how you like to create value and what makes you feel insanely productive on the job), when you tap into that and understand your unique combination of professional strengths, you will be able to identify careers that are a fit for you. You will know what to say during interviews. You’ll be able to market yourself. And, better yet, you will be much happier on the job, which leads to career growth and success.

Ask anyone who’s dialed into their career. They’ll tell you they have a very clear sense of their intrinsic motivation and the value they create through their professional strengths.

Now, how do you inventory this? How do you discover your professional strengths and understand your intrinsic motivation?

You use a set of FREE tools:

Workplace Communication Style QuizCareer Decoder QuizProfessional Strengths Bootcamp

If you’re serious about changing careers, take the free quizzes above and sign up for my Professional Strengths Bootcamp. In this bootcamp, I walk you through the professional strengths assessment so that you can take a step back, understand your strengths, and then translate those into what you want to do next. When you can do that, everything gets easier—job search, career growth, networking, everything.

You can do this. You can successfully change careers. And it starts with unlocking your professional strengths. So, I hope you follow my advice above. Go get ’em!

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