Why You Should Avoid Getting Hired By A Company With A “Lone Wolf” CultureJ.T. O’Donnellon June 20, 2022 at 4:00 pm b’Work It Daily’


Have you ever heard of a “lone wolf” culture or a “me” culture? It’s common in corporate America, but if you’re looking for a job, you should probably avoid companies with this type of workplace culture. Here’s why…

The Lone Wolf Culture In Corporate America Is Toxic

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For many years, companies have been hiring what they call the “best” worker. They look for the best performer. And in the beginning, when a company hires employees like that, they see a lot of results because everybody’s working their very hardest. But when you hire people to be the best, it gets competitive. Over time, you start to see the backstabbing and the politics. People protect themselves and throw each other under the bus. So the “lone wolf” or “me” cultures tap out. And, unfortunately, we have a lot of companies here in America that still have that “lone wolf” culture, and it’s creating a lot of problems.

The solution is to evolve into a “we” culture where the best idea, the best process wins—where we don’t look at individuals to be the best, we look at the team to create the best work. And that requires a culture shift.

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