Why LinkedIn Doesn’t Work For A Lot Of PeopleJ.T. O’Donnellon November 3, 2021 at 4:00 pm Work It Daily


A lot of people don’t understand what the real challenges are with LinkedIn. Here’s the best way I can describe it to you.

First of all, I was an early adopter of LinkedIn. I was honored to be an influencer for them and I know the strengths of the platform. And the reality is it works very well for people who know how to market themselves. When they got bought by Microsoft, though, it really became a sales platform.

LinkedIn Is The New Yellow Pages

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Think of LinkedIn as the new Yellow Pages. A lot of people nowadays don’t even know what the Yellow Pages was. Essentially, it was a book that told you about all the businesses that you could work with. And that’s really what LinkedIn has become—a platform to promote your business-of-one.

We Need LinkedIn. But There’s A Better Alternative…

The problem with LinkedIn is that it’s very difficult to navigate the platform to network with people. It’s not really what people are using it for unless they know how to do it correctly.

There’s always going to be a need for LinkedIn, but there are millions upon millions of people out there who are overwhelmed by LinkedIn. There are many professionals who aren’t sales-type people and don’t have products or services to promote or aren’t trying to sell themselves. So, networking on LinkedIn doesn’t feel comfortable, normal, or natural.

That’s why my team and I here at Work It Daily actively wanted to create the alternative to LinkedIn for folks like you.

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