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There is one rule I always tell job seekers to follow in regards to their job search activities. Under no circumstances should you ever do this on a Monday.

The rule? Never, and I mean never, call or email an employer on a Monday to check the status of your application or ask where the hiring manager is in the decision-making process for a job.

Why You Should Never Contact Hiring Managers On A Monday

Mondays are the least popular day of the workweek. Even the most cheerful of workers struggle to get in the groove on a Monday. And, given that 55% of Americans surveyed recently said they would like a new job, it’s safe to say that the majority of people are not in the best mood. Adding stress or pressure to their day is not going to help you. So, as much as you are dying to know where you stand in the hiring process, I would suggest waiting until later in the week for several reasons:

If the hiring manager hasn’t made any progress, they will not appreciate you reminding them.If you are not in the running, they will not be thrilled about having to give you the bad news.If they are super busy and planned to address the hiring process later in the week, they will not appreciate you trying to push them to address it sooner.

Ironically, all that can change on a Tuesday when hiring managers are organized for the week and back in the productivity zone.

Job seekers should spend Mondays researching companies and identifying who they want to network with instead of contacting hiring managers. Save the calls and emails for Tuesdays and you’ll notice that people will be in better moods and respond to you more positively. You’ll have a much easier time in your job search if you avoid reaching out to hiring managers and recruiters at the very beginning of the workweek. Trust me.

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