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We get it.

Sites like Glassdoor and Indeed have hijacked your company’s narrative online.

Just type in “working at_____” or “working for ____” while inserting your company’s name and there’s more than a good chance that Glassdoor/Indeed (who, BTW, are owned by the same company) rank higher in the search results than your own company’s career page.

Well, here’s some good news…

Job seekers today (especially millennials and Gen Z) are now “job shoppers.” Raised on social media, they skip the review sites, and even your own website, in order to consume stories about what it’s like to work for your company from credible, third-party sites—like Work It Daily.

Work It Daily? Hey, that’s us!

Work It Daily is a trusted, respected advisor to millions of job shoppers. Since 2008, we’ve been an advocate for the worker, offering timely advice and resources designed to help them get ahead in their careers. And now, with over 1.5M visitors to our site monthly, and millions of followers on sites like TikTok and LinkedIn, we want to introduce them to YOUR COMPANY.


Let us show you the power of having your employer story on our site. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with a draft of your story. You’ll be able to adjust it and we’ll only make it public when you say so.

Then, watch the magic unfold!

Here’s what you can expect from a free employer story on Work It Daily:

Google ranking within 48 hours of posting.Distribution on our social media channels for added exposure.Multiple pieces of content you can use to promote your story.Opportunity to leverage your existing recruiting technologies to maximize the ROI on your existing investments. (i.e. link to your ATS, etc.)

Check out the Incredible Companies that have already claimed their employer story!

Ready to get started?

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