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Unless as part of a band, I always think that blowing your own trumpet is rather poor form, but any such scruples which many lawyers usually have around such things are dumped in a heartbeat when the latest legal directory rankings are released.  LinkedIn lights up instantly with more humblebragging than Oscars Night, though without the social-justice messages, inappropriate shoes or interminable weeping.

Not on this blog.  I won’t say that I went without a mention, but far more important are the comments made in last week’s latest Legal 500 edition about the wider Squires UK Labour and Employment team and some of its leading lights, almost none of whom will forgive me for rehearsing them here.  But because we are very proud of them and because very occasionally (to paraphrase Winston Churchill on Clement Attlee), modesty is for those with much to be modest about, here we go:

For our immigration team, “Annabel Mace and Osheenn Giam are wonderful to work with.  They are always patient, detail-oriented and communicate with us in terms we can easily understand”…”working with Annabel is effortless“…she has “been exceptional in helping us move forward with some of our immigration matters”. “The timely responses and attention to detail make this firm exceptional.  I could not recommend them enough”…”the webinars the team are holding on global mobility are extremely valuable and the level of detailed advice is unparalleled by other firms…you never feel like you’re being given general information“.

In Birmingham, many thanks to the clearly multitudinous fans of Ramez Moussa in our Tier 1 team: “Ram is articulate, knowledgeable, commercially-focussed and my go-to for complex employment matters.  He is an absolute professional.  Outstanding.”…Ram is “always responsive and flexible and a great partner at a senior level”.

Up to the North West and you see this and more about the Tier 1 L&E team in Manchester: “The level and depth of expertise within SPB is exceptional”…”the biggest stand-out factor for me is you don’t feel like you are working with an external partner – they feel and act like an extension of your own organisation”…”It is the lawyers you partner with who make the difference at Squires”. “Bryn Doyle is informative, balanced and has been outstanding in his support“.  He is “responsive, available and commercial in his advice”.  “Jane Saunders is a clear and considered lawyer who really listens and provides concise advice”.

Over the Pennines to Leeds, and kind clients have kept the team there in Tier 1 with feedback including: “Knowledgeable, always available, responsive and friendly.  They always provide pragmatic commercial advice“. Andrew Stones is “personable, professional, expert, commercial and trusted; a good partner who gets to understand our business from the inside“.  “Both Andrew and Fiona Sellars are excellent – ultra-responsive and excellent communicators – these individuals go over and above to provide the support I need”.

And back down the M1 to London to hear that Caroline Noblet is “a force to be reckoned with” (but you knew that) with an “international perspective cherished by clients“.  Jan Lucas is noted for her expertise in transactional support and for the team as a whole “the practical approach and agile nature of the  UK employment team is outstanding – true partners, you always feel in safe hands”.

While that may already be more trumpet-blowing than the Coldstream Guards’ Greatest Hits, for me the best comment in this year’s Legal 500 goes not to a particular partner or office or even to our legal advice, but instead to the quality of the L&E teams’ value-added support for clients and contacts: “Squires have insightful and proactive updates and advice for clients.  I value the level, depth and number of free webinars on topics that are really useful for HR and legal professionals“.  Not too many teams in the Directory are getting the red carpet for their marketing output, I suspect, so my thanks to the jointly fabulous Laura Nelson and Clare McNicholas for their efforts on that front.

If this sounds like a UK L&E team that could make your life easier, do please get in touch.

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