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In your job search, you’ve probably communicated with recruiters or had them reach out to you about a job opportunity. So, what do you do when a recruiter messages you and you’re interested in the job?

How Job Seekers Should Respond To Recruiters


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As a job seeker, if you get a message from a recruiter about a job, when you respond is more important than how you respond. Respond fast—as fast as you possibly can. Do not wait and think about it. Do not try to find the right words. Email or message the recruiter ASAP and say, “I would absolutely love to talk to you about this. Here is my phone number. Text me. Call me any time.”

Why is it important to respond to a recruiter quickly? Well, that message you got from a recruiter—20-30 other people got the same one. It’s only the first five or six candidates who respond and say, “I’m totally ready to talk to you. You name the time,” that get a phone call from the recruiter. They’re the ones who make it to the phone screen.

Remember, recruiters are being evaluated on how quickly they can find candidates who are a match for the job. The longer you wait to respond, the less likely you will ever hear back from them.

A lot of job seekers get confused when they respond to a recruiter and never hear back. This is why. If you’re not one of the first five or six potential job candidates to respond to a recruiter’s message, you lost out on the job opportunity.

So, make sure you respond to a recruiter quickly if you’re interested in the job they’re hiring for. Give them your phone number. Tell them they can text and/or call you. Be prepared because you need to jump on that message or you’re going to miss your window of opportunity.

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