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From Bonaparte to Branson, the history books are peppered with charismatic leaders. Although some leaders are more successful than others, there are certain characteristics that make up the DNA of almost all influential head honchos.

They’re assertive, adaptable, assiduous, and intelligent.

They’re adept at overcoming adversity, prepared to laugh in the face of fear, and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty. Quite simply, they’re the ones hanging around the office long after everyone has departed, leading by example, poring over the figures, or dreaming up new ventures to make their millions.

In your own work life, you may harbor ambitions to achieve success on the same scale as a Rockefeller—but pesky scientists have potentially thrown a spanner in the works. According to a study, leaders such as Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher had brains wired differently from the majority, making them destined to lead successfully.

This leadership predilection, it seems, stems from more brain power in areas that control decision-making and memory, which gives them the edge when making difficult judgment calls. Crucially, this research may prompt an organization to carry out tests to determine which of its employees possesses the “leadership gene” and offer the appropriate training.

What can you do to ensure you give yourself the best shot at becoming a leader and climbing the ladder?

Enroll In A Management And Leadership Course

Although eggheads claim great leaders are born with the ability to show the way, they are unquestionably few and far between.

Consequently, you can attempt to get ahead of the curve with a quality education. By enrolling in a management and leadership course, you can take steps to improve the key principles required to successfully lead a team.

Seize The Initiative

If you’re a bit of a wallflower in the workplace, it’s unlikely your boss will give you responsibilities that require you to be assertive and lead a team. As a result, it’s important to grab the bull by the horns, take yourself out of your comfort zone, and ask for more responsibilities.

Far from being clichéd, if you go above and beyond, it proves you have what it takes to grow in your career.

Understand Delegation

As said by the American philanthropist and entrepreneur Eli Broad, “The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems I see with managers at all levels.”

Most successful leaders refuse to micromanage their employees, instead preferring to delegate tasks, empowering workers and making them feel more involved in the overarching goals of the organization.

Doing these three things—enrolling in a management and leadership course, seizing the initiative, and delegating tasks—will help you stand out from others at work and establish yourself as a leader. Start improving your leadership skills today!

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