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If you have become weary of the several seconds it can sometimes take you to get from opening up Global Edge to reaching information on your usual country of choice, we can help you!

Version 2.0 allows each country what is effectively its own home page containing immediate access to helpful summaries, future legal developments under the On the Horizon section, articles and blog posts, webinars, podcasts and other useful links all specific to that particular jurisdiction, so you no longer have to go back and forth between indexes and drop-downs to find a collation of material on that country.

For the UK, for example, take a gander behind the Additional Resources tab and you will find links to Acas, BEIS, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, etc., with similar connections and sources of local guidance and information in all the other Global Edge countries. If you visit the country often, you can make any of the Global Edge 2.0 jurisdictions into a favourite for quick access directly from your Global Edge dashboard, and then tee it up to send you still-warm alerts and notifications on legal developments affecting that country.

To go further, visit the Create a Report facility and you can produce in moments a country-specific printable report covering as much or as little as your Board could reasonably want to know about the employment law of that jurisdiction.

Is your employer musing a move into a new country despite knowing the square root of nothing about what employment issues it would face there? Let Global Edge 2.0’s country pages do your heavy lifting on the employment side. Pick your country, your topic(s), and your format, and you are off to the races in less time than it takes to tell you about it.

To learn more about Global Edge 2.0’s key features, visit our previous blog posts, or to see its full capabilities for yourself, contact us at to book a demo at a time and place convenient to you, without cost or commitment.

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