Global Edge 2.0, The Inside Track: Part 3 – There May Be Trouble AheadDavid Whincupon November 19, 2021 at 9:34 am Employment Law Worldview


One of the traditional shortcomings of conventional international employment law resources is that they are very good at what was and not bad on what is, but quite hopeless on what will be. So it takes a pretty special product to give you not just news of international employment law developments in the pipeline but also their ETA, what level of risks they may pose to your operations in the relevant country, and where appropriate, some proactive measures to be taken by way of mitigation of them. Luckily I have such a product right here – Global Edge 2.0.

This nifty little mover won’t offer you music, love or romance (rumours that these are under consideration for GE 3.0 are yet to be substantiated) but it will avoid any need for you to face the music for missing some imminent employment law side-swipe to your business operations overseas.

No need to work late on to the moonlight, no teardrops to shed – instead with just a few clicks you can dance along to your next Board presentation with a succinct single or multi-country report summarising the current position on key employment law developments, an assessment of their likely impacts on and potential exposures for the business and even some ideas to address them.

If your Board is of the sort that wants to hear of no problems without their solutions, then let Global Edge 2.0 help you stay in tune with the mood, keep local HR teams on their toes, and stop overseas counsel asking you to pay the bill for last-minute briefings on stuff they should have told you about back when the music started. Global Edge 2.0 – you heard it here first.

To see how Global Edge 2.0’s full capabilities can assist your HR professionals, contact us at to book a demo at a time and place convenient to you, without cost or commitment.

Look out for part four in our series, incoming next week.

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