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If you want to stay relevant in your industry, you need to constantly think about the value you provide as a business-of-one. Do you have the expertise required to do your job, and do it well—better than almost everyone else? You also need to make sure you’re developing your skills so you don’t fall behind and get pushed out by someone more qualified. But what skills are the most valuable (and in demand)?

We recently asked our leading executives what the hottest skill set in their industry is right now, so you can get a competitive advantage.

Here are their responses…

Percy Leon, Digital Media Content Executive

The hottest skill set right now in my industry is professional content creation. This is because employers are increasingly looking for people who can produce high-quality content that is engaging and informative.

Content creators who can consistently produce great work are in high demand, as they can help companies to reach a wider audience and build a strong online presence.

Additionally, professional content creators often have a deep understanding of their industry and are up to date on the latest trends. This makes them valuable assets to any company, as they can provide insights that other employees may not be aware of.

For content creators, the ability to produce great work is often accompanied by a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. This is because they can use their skills to make a positive impact on the world. Additionally, many content creators feel a deep sense of connection to their audience and enjoy being able to connect with people from all over the globe.

Finally, content creation often allows creators to work from home, which gives them more flexibility and freedom when it comes to scheduling and family life. For all these reasons, professional content creation is a highly sought-after skill set in today’s job market.

Percy Leon is a digital media content producer specializing in educational technology and entertainment. He is interested in web3, metaverse, and the use of virtual reality for storytelling.

Lisa Perry, Global Marketing Executive

If you’ve been in marketing for a while, you know that marketers constantly reinvent themselves ensuring they are in demand. Here are three marketing skills that are in demand right now:

Digital Marketing: Half of the top 10 jobs posted on LinkedIn are in the digital space. The existence of digital marketing is focused on company growth which includes driving brand awareness, promoting products/services, creating customer leads, driving conversions, and ensuring ROI.

Analytical Thinking: It’s your ability to use logical reasoning, make informed decisions, and solve problems. Are you able to review the impact of your work, (i.e., is this campaign working?) and adjust accordingly? Can you find market trends and translate them into concise, actionable insights?

Strong Communication Skills: Successful marketing communication requires understanding your audience, communicating in a way that encourages meaningful conversations, and determining the optimal combination of platforms that drives engagement. If done right, your brand could see increased brand awareness, leads, and conversions.

Lisa Perry helps companies build leadership brands, driving loyal customers & delivering profitability. She does this through a process that builds brands consumers love. Her goal is to help companies develop, monetize, and grow their brands.

Sarita Kincaid, Tech Media Executive

The job market is getting more competitive for corporate communications professionals, so what one skill will make candidates stand out from the field in 2022? It’s not the ability to pitch and place articles in the media, to drive awareness through social media, nor to create and drive successful brand preference campaigns—those skills are table stakes.

The most important differentiator making communications candidates stand out with employers is the ability to source, interpret, and act on findings from data. But, what does data have to do with public relations, analyst relations, and employee relations? Everything!

Savvy comms professionals are leveraging data generated from AI-enabled software to help determine sentiment analysis, utilize analytics to determine the likelihood of article and report placement, link outbound programs to ROI/revenue, test crisis comms language, and coach spokespersons.

Being able to demonstrate how you have leveraged data to drive quantifiable results and ROI/revenue, will make any communications professional stand out in a very competitive job market.

Sarita Kincaid is a tech media executive with a demonstrated ability to build and grow award-winning programs. She brings a data-driven approach to influencer relations with a focus on developing strong brand advocates and aligning them with sales programs.

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