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I’m jumping on this bandwagon of the five things I wouldn’t do based on my profession as a career coach if I was in job search mode right now.

If I lost my job due to a layoff, want to change careers, or hate my job, I would not do these five things…

1. I Wouldn’t “Spray And Pray”

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I would not get on a job board and start applying for everything under the sun. First of all, you don’t want 90% of those jobs and there’s nothing more demotivating and depressing than getting rejected from companies you weren’t interested in. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. Less than 3% of people ever get contacted when they apply online. So, don’t rely solely on job boards, and don’t apply to every job you see. It’s ineffective and a waste of time.

2. I Wouldn’t Create An Over-The-Top Resume

An over-the-top resume is a resume where you put everything you’ve ever done on it. You really try to hype yourself up. Unfortunately, it comes across as narcissistic and desperate. It’s also difficult to read and usually gets you tossed. Instead, customize your resume for each position you apply for, and focus on quantifying your work experience.

3. I Wouldn’t Skip Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one place recruiters search for potential job candidates, and they search for them based on keywords (skill sets). So, if you want to get found by recruiters and hiring managers, you need to learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

4. I Wouldn’t Skip Interview Prep

I would be practicing right now before I even start looking for a job. You need to know how to answer those tough interview questions because it’ll help you stand out, and it can help you not only get the job but get more pay as well. Never skip interview prep, no matter how qualified you think you are.

5. I Wouldn’t Skip Networking

Your network is your net worth. What you need to do is create a bucket list of employers you’d like to work for and start strategically reaching out and connecting with those people on LinkedIn as a way to gain visibility when you start applying for their roles. Networking is always the best way to get a job.

There are other tips and tricks I would recommend, but those are definitely the five things I wouldn’t do if I was looking for a job right now.

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