5 Reflections From 10 Years Of HubSpot IrelandZhané Hyltonon January 18, 2023 at 5:45 pm Careers Blog


The year is 2013.

President Obama was inaugurated for his second term. Microsoft replaced its free email service Hotmail with Outlook. Eating healthy was the top New Year’s resolution, and “123456” was the most common password. 

And in January 2013, HubSpot Ireland was born! A decade ago, HubSpot opened its EMEA headquarters in Dublin and committed to hiring 150 people within the first three years. Dubbed ‘DubSpot’ at the time, HubSpot Ireland has since tripled in size as we proudly pursue our mission to help millions of organizations grow better. 

What better way to celebrate than to take a trip down memory lane with some brilliant individuals who helped make HubSpot Ireland all it is and will be. We share some fun facts before handing the mic over to HubSpotters who have been here since its inception to share what #HubSpotLife was and how it evolved.

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