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A lot of job seekers worry about how other candidates are performing in job interviews. However, if you are too concerned about your competition, it can affect your own performance.

After all, there is no point worrying about stuff you have no control over. You can only focus on doing your best. Having said that, here are some of our top interview secrets on how to be more confident in a job interview and stop worrying about your competitors:

1. Focus On Your Unique Abilities

We all have something we are really good at, and this is what you need to focus on during a job interview. This is your specialty—the service you provide to employers.

You are a business-of-one. In the job interview, you need to articulate how you will make or save the company money with the service you provide. Whether it is your strong analytical skills, ability to win clients, or experience in running marketing campaigns across various countries, focus on what you bring to the job and always back up your answers with examples.

2. Provide Specific And Tangible Examples

Most people have a mediocre resume that doesn’t show recruiters why they are a strong candidate. The way to avoid that is to provide specific, tangible examples of what you’ve achieved in previous/current jobs that would be relevant to the job you’re applying for.

In a job interview, you’ll probably be asked a few behavioral interview questions that require you to provide an example in your answer. Use the “Experience + Learn = Grow” model and the STAR technique so your answers are clear, concise, and structured.

3. Use Evidence And Concrete Examples To Back Up Your Statements

A continuation of the previous point, it’s important to back up every statement you make with numbers. This is especially true in regard to your resume, where you should be quantifying your work experience.

Numbers are great for demonstrating your skills and expertise. Did you increase revenue or save time? How did you improve processes or procedures? How many clients did you deal with/win every month? You definitely want to have a few stories prepared related to the job description using the STAR technique.

4. Demonstrate Your Soft Skills

People hire people they like. During a job interview, you’ll want to demonstrate that you have good communication skills, know how to deal with people, have integrity, and so on.

The truth is employers hire for three things: personality, aptitude, and experience. You could have the right experience for a job, but if the hiring manager doesn’t think your personality is a good fit for the company culture, you probably won’t get the job offer. So, make sure you demonstrate your soft skills to prove you’re the best candidate for the job, not just the most qualified.

5. Forget About The Competition

To make competition irrelevant in your job search, simply stop worrying about other candidates. You don’t need additional stress when looking for a job. Focus on what you can bring to the company instead.

If you’re confident in yourself and stop worrying about the things you can’t control, you’ll have the right mindset to conduct a successful job search.

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