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Do you want to leave your job but don’t want to give your two weeks’ notice until you find a new one? With the right job search strategy, you can easily find a job while you’re still employed.

One of our Work It DAILY fans wrote in and said, “Hey, I want to quit my job and start a new one. What should be my to-do list today?”

I’m going to walk you through the four basic steps that you should take in order to make that happen.

Referrals Matter

Now, before I begin, I want to remind you of an important fact. Up to 80% of all jobs today are gotten via referral. So blindly applying online is not going to work for you. Only 3% of the people who apply online ever get called by recruiters or hiring managers.

The four steps that I’m going to outline for you are going to help you go around that ATS (applicant tracking system) and connect with recruiters and hiring managers so you stand out as a great job candidate.

So, let’s break it down…

Step 1: Inventory Your Skills

You need to inventory your transferable skills. These are all the hard skills that will be helpful in your next job. You may perform some or all of these things in a future position.

Step 2: Get On LinkedIn

You’re going to take those transferable skills you’ve identified and make sure they’re optimized on both your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

Recruiters are always searching for those key terms when looking for potential job candidates, so if you have your transferable skills listed on your LinkedIn profile (in your LinkedIn headline, for example) you’re going to improve your chances that they’ll connect with you and reach out to you about job opportunities you’re a fit for.

Step 3: Make A Bucket List

Next, create what’s called an interview bucket list. This is a list of 10 to 20 companies that you would love to work for and that hire for your skill sets.

The best way to build an interview bucket list is to research companies you feel a connection to. Make sure you’d be able to either commute to or work remotely for these companies. If your skills also match the jobs they hire for, the company belongs on your interview bucket list!

Step 4: Identify People At Your Bucket List Companies

Finally, you’re going to identify people who work at the companies on your interview bucket list and use your networking connections to get introduced to them.

You want to be able to have conversations with people who are currently employed at these companies. They can help you understand what it takes to stand out in the hiring process and potentially introduce you to hiring managers.

The Most Efficient Way To Find A New Job

This brings me back to my very first point about getting referred to companies. This is the best, fastest, most efficient way for you to find a new job while employed because you don’t have time all day to spend on your job search. Work smarter, not harder!

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