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If you want to get a job in 2024, you need to be ready to share three stories with every hiring manager and recruiter you meet. These three stories will help recruiters and hiring managers fall in love with you, and this is also how you make a stronger first impression.

Storytelling in general is important, but it can be particularly powerful in the hiring process. When you go into an interview, you need to be able to tell concise stories so that they can validate your knowledge and expertise.

These three stories help them learn more about the complete you…

1. Why You Want To Work For This Company

This story needs to be based on your connection to the employer. They don’t want to hear that you love their benefits package or that you heard they pay well. They want to hear why you love their product or service and why you’re a huge fan of the customers they serve.

Somehow you need to tell a connection story that gets them to understand your intrinsic motivation, which is just a fancy term for what will get you out of bed every day and want to work for this company. What do you believe in? They can’t teach you intrinsic motivation. There are so many candidates out there who look the same that you need to have this really great connection story because that’s what gets them to choose you.

2. Why You Love To Create The Value That You Do

Now, the second story you need to have on the ready is why you nerd out on the work that you do and why you love to create the value that you do on the job. Your unique value add (UVA) is how you save a company money, make a company money, solve problems, and alleviate pain. They don’t pay you just for the heck of it. You need to create value.

When you can talk about why you love doing the work that you do and how you nerd out on it, you’re showing them once again what’s going to get you out of bed every day. You’re self-motivated to create that value, exceed expectations, be resourceful, and think outside the box. Again, they have all these candidates to choose from. They want the employee who is going to be like that. So, this second story is very powerful.

3. The Most Exciting Or Positive Thing That Happened In Your Career In The Last Year

The third story is the one I love the most right now, which is what’s the most exciting or positive thing that happened in your career in the last year? You want to share this story with recruiters and hiring managers because they need to know that you are constantly looking at your career and assessing what’s happened to you so that you can learn and grow from it.

When you can recognize that the things that happened to you were very powerful and positive, they know that you’re a powerful and positive person who is always striving to learn and grow. And it’s also just a great feel-good story that can articulate a lot about you.

So, let’s recap.

The three stories you need to share are…

Why you want to work for the company (sharing your connection to the company).Why you nerd out on the work that you do (showing your resourcefulness).The greatest thing that happened to you in your career in the last year (showing your positivity and power).

You could type these up right now and have them ready for an interview. Or you could even go so far as to put them in a cover letter. But the one that will go much farther is video.

There is a way for you to record these three stories and rerecord them until their perfect. Then, you can take these three stories, put them in what’s called a reel, and send them off as a URL to recruiters and hiring managers. That’s when they’ll fall in love with you. That’s when they will see that you are the kind of person that is more than just the experience. You are the full package, and it will elevate your first impression because video is the new first interview. Video is the new phone screen. So why not take full control, record these three stories, put them in a reel, and send them off?

You can do this by using a new phone app that I love called the McCoy app. This lets you do all of the above so that you can elevate first impressions, make better connections, and get those recruiters and hiring managers responding to you before everybody else.

Job search is a game. To be competitive right now, you need to do things differently. And using video to tell these three stories is a game changer. So I hope you’ll check out the McCoy app. But more importantly, please get your three stories ready to go. They are what will differentiate you in this very competitive job market so that you can get the job you want and deserve.

Good luck, and go get ’em!

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